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Link between non-bank capital and Dutch mortgages.

Albert Trox
Albert Trox
Managing Partner
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Frans de Kievit
Frans de Kievit
Managing Partner
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Fokkerstraat 12 | NL-3833 LD Leusden | The Netherlands

CREDIVE bridges the gap between non-bank investment capital and Dutch mortgages. As mortgage coordinators, we organise everything necessary to bring the demand for funding for Dutch mortgages and the supply of national and international non-bank capital together.

On the one hand, global asset managers get access to the attractive asset class of Dutch mortgages. On the other, this ensures that there will be sufficient sustainable funding for the domestic demand for mortgage loans.

The desire to own one’s home is still strong

Dutch consumers still want to own their own homes. In most cases, they need a mortgage for this. The demand for mortgages is still there, and is now actually increasing as the economy recovers.

Bank mortgage finance is stagnating

The problem is that those wishing to purchase their own homes are finding it more difficult to obtain a mortgage. European regulation has been tightened as a result of the banking crises. As a result, the banks are less willing or less able to provide mortgages so readily. Consumer credit at the same time is not an attractive option for this purpose.

Asset managers are looking for alternative investments

This offers opportunities for new players who are not subject to this regulation. For example, pension funds, insurers and other international asset managers, including private equity. As a result of low to even negative yields on government bonds, they are looking for alternative asset classes in which to invest. Dutch mortgages are attractive in this context, since most Dutch consumers have an excellent record when it comes to meeting their mortgage payment obligations. For asset managers therefore, investing in Dutch residential mortgages offers a relatively good return with low risk!

The credit vehicle

Most asset managers are however not familiar with the mortgage market, and have no interest in getting involved in mortgage-related processes, let alone mortgage marketing. This is where CREDIVE comes in.

For all aspects of the mortgage business

CREDIVE has the knowledge, experience and partnerships in all aspects of the mortgage business, from raising capital to developing, marketing and administering mortgage products.

A modular service offering

Our service offering is composed of modules. This means that in each situation and at any time we can offer the parts of the mortgage business for which there is a need, namely:

1 Product Development & Management
2 Arranging Servicer (Definition study)
3 Arranging Label (Business Links to HDN, BKR, NHG, etc.)
4 Marketing & Distribution
5 Contract management
6 Service management (incl. SLA-OLA-management)
7 Primary servicing (from basic tot 'portfolio management')
8 Special servicing
9 Active servicing
10 Tooling (website, portal, DWH, BI, etc.)
11 Cash management / Finance & Accounting
12 Designing Fund(s) & Governance
13 Compliance framework (RMP's)
14 Lender of Record
15 Risk management (Financial Risk / Non Financial Risk)
16 Interest Rate Setting
17 Investor reporting
18 Valuation
19 Consultancy (incl. benchmarking, market analysis, etc.)
20 Securitisation Services

By experienced mortgage experts

We can offer this because we have more than 30 years’ experience in the mortgage market at managerial and operational level. We have demonstrably earned our spurs in this market.

Socially responsible and correct

CREDIVE strives to contribute to a sound and sustainable sector, by fulfilling its mission: helping people to realise their residential aspirations with responsible finance. Obviously, we see profitable opportunities. But social responsibility and correct business conduct is our other motivation. This can be seen from our fee structure and other business expenses such as premises (with a conscious choice for Amersfoort) and transport. Not only today, but also when we grow further.

We have of course obtained all the necessary licences.

No-nonsense efficiency

Partly due to our socially responsible and correct business conduct, we are able to keep costs as low as possible. Indeed, we look for ways to reduce your costs even further on a daily basis. This results in mortgage investment opportunities for the lowest possible number of basis points.

Interested? Call us or send us an e-mail!

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Albert Trox
Albert Trox
Managing Partner
T: +31 (0)6-2245 5450
Frans de Kievit
Frans de Kievit
Managing Partner
T: +31 (0)6-2279 8253